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October 18, 2006
Press Release

Ben Kerl
Project Manager, Lander Group

Corey Brinkema
Executive Director, Green Institute

Lander Group Applies Salvage and Reuse at Two Local Developments

Materials from Luxury Lake Calhoun Demo Find New Life on Kingfield Corner

Minneapolis, Minnesota – October 18, 2006 – Minneapolis-based developer Lander Group, known for its innovative design and use of green building practices in new residential and mixed-use buildings, has partnered with local non-profit Deconstruction Services in a unique approach to the deconstruction and reconstruction of two Lander developments.

Plans for Lander Group’s latest residential development, 2626 West Lake, call for the demolition of the existing Weisman Enterprises building for construction of 46 new luxury condominiums on Lake Calhoun’s north shore. Mostly vacant since December of 2005 (it currently hosts the 2626 West Lake Sales Center), the Weisman Enterprises building is completely functional and features many high-quality materials. Said Lander Group president Michael Lander, “From the beginning, we knew we had to find a use for this stuff. It would be unconscionable for all of these quality items to go to the landfill when the building is demolished.”

Lander Group has chosen Deconstruction Services, a division of the Minneapolis-based non-profit Green Institute, to lead the deconstruction and interior demolition of the Weisman Enterprises building. Many of the items removed from the building are slated to be used in the renovation of Lander Group’s new commercial development, “38”, at the corner of 38th & Nicollet in Minneapolis’ Kingfield neighborhood. “The Weisman Enterprises building is luxurious by commercial standards. The price of new, high quality construction materials, combined with our belief in the importance of environmentally-responsible urban development, made the decision to take some of this great material to 38 a no-brainer,” stated Lander. While the final details have yet to be finalized, items reused at 38 will likely include kitchen and bathroom materials, lighting, carpet, and emergency systems.

The many other materials reclaimed from the building will be photographed by Deconstruction Services and posted to their website ( for access by customers, who will be able to purchase items directly from the building site or from one of Deconstruction Services’ two ReUse Center retail locations (South Minneapolis and a new location opening in November in Osseo). These items will likely include cabinetry, wood beams, bathroom fixtures, doors, frames and sidelights, lighting fixtures, drinking fountains, emergency lighting and fire cabinets, kitchen appliances, and carpet tiles.

If the right buyer is found, other more specialized items will also be reclaimed, including the stairway and railings, ceiling tiles, audiovisual equipment, dock lift, raised flooring, a flag pole, and a mechanized file storage system.

The Green Institute will keep all sales proceeds, which are expected to be $25,000-$35,000. Lander Group is now selling 2626 West Lake ( and leasing 38 (


The Lander Group, Inc. is a Minneapolis-based development firm specializing in urban in-fill development.  Lander Group was recently named the 2006 National Association of Homebuilders Small-Volume Developer of the Year. The firm is known locally for its support of new urbanist, smart growth, and green building principles, and its focus on high-quality design. Its current developments include 2626 West Lake ( and 38. For more information on Lander Group, please visit

Deconstruction Services is a division of the Minneapolis-based Green Institute. The non-profit enterprise specializes in reclaiming quality materials and equipment from residential and commercial buildings and marketing them at affordable prices. It serves an established customer base of over 2,500 contractors, renovators, and homeowners. Since 1995, Deconstruction Services and the ReUse Center have diverted 35,000 tons of building materials from area landfills and saved customers more than $20 million versus the cost of new product. For more information on Deconstruction Services, please visit



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