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Lander Group is First Twin Cities Company to offer HOURCAR to Employees

Saint Paul, MN – October 18, 2005 – Local real estate developer Lander Group this week became the first business to join HOURCAR, the Twin Cities’ growing car-sharing organization.

Lander Group has an HOURCAR parked near its office for use by employees for driving to business meetings and running errands during the workday. Employees make self-service reservations online, then get in the car, drive to appointments, return the car to the same reserved parking space, lock it up, and walk away. Cars have on-board computers to record trip information, and business members are billed with detailed invoices listing department or project travel. HOURCAR pays for gas, insurance, and maintenance. Car-sharing can significantly cut business transportation costs when substituted for a leased company car or fleet management.

In addition to saving dollars on the company transportation budget, HOURCAR is also a unique way for area businesses to support employees who commute to work by transit. Employees can use HOURCARs by the hour to attend meetings or run work errands, eliminating the need to drive their own cars to work. An HOURCAR business membership shrinks the number of cars on the road, the amount of gas used, and also eases the need to provide employee parking at the workplace.
Mary Morse, Executive Director of the Neighborhood Energy Consortium says “Lander is making a smart business decision and their employees are going to love HOURCAR! Lander Group is leading the way for other businesses to provide car-sharing as a sensible solution.”

Lander Group’s participation in the HOURCAR program is the latest initiative in the company’s on-going commitment to environmentally friendly business practices. The developer has been in discussions with HOURCAR about providing cars at future residential and commercial developments. “We apply green principles in a way that makes sense for our buyers and we’re pleased to support other businesses that are doing this,” said Lander Group President Michael Lander. “We think HOURCAR is a fantastic service for the Twin Cities, especially as the discussion around transit-oriented development continues, and as people are transitioning their lifestyles toward more pedestrian-friendly living. HOURCAR addresses the need for a car without the need for car ownership. Our employees are thrilled to use the service.”

Lander Group Development Management Associate Ben Kerl says, “I am looking forward to using the HOURCAR during the business day to get to meetings and other events. Many of my coworkers are planning to use the HOURCAR for their business errands. It’ll make it easier for us to take the bus to work, or even bike.”
HOURCAR has business partnerships with other organizations, including Lanier Parking Systems, Park Midway Bank, Penn Cycle, Calhoun Square, and Enterprise Rent-A-Car.

All of the cars in the HOURCAR fleet are Toyota Priuses, gas-electric hybrids which regularly garner over 50 miles to the gallon and produce relatively few emissions. Car-sharing is convenient for members, good for the environment, and saves money.

HOURCAR members must meet basic requirements, including holding a valid driver’s license for five years. Individual, household, and business memberships are available. For information on hub locations, rates, or to join online, please visit More information on the Lander Group can be found at

HOURCAR is a program of the nonprofit Neighborhood Energy Consortium, whose mission is to reduce pollution, conserve resources, and improve quality of life by offering tools for energy-efficient living.

For more information:
Mary Morse
Executive Director, Neighborhood Energy Consortium
Phone: (w) (651) 221-4462 x139 or (m) (651) 308-2685
Wren Aigaki-Lander
Marketing Director, Lander Group
Phone: (612) 827-4494

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