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A lot of thought and consideration went into the creation of the Green Unit. Aside from the features selected, many other products were researched. Below is a list of some products and features that did not pass our evaluation criteria (see LanderGreen home page for details), but may be viable options for you.

Wet or dry-blown cellulose (recycled newspaper) insulation
Great insulation due to density and coverage. We found: cannot be installed in winter months, may be subject to mold. Dry product may settle over time.

100% recycled content sheetrock
We found: local sourcing difficult.

Zero VOC paint
We found: only available in white.

Milk paint
Made from all natural materials: curdled milk, earth and lime for pigment. No-VOC’s, different look than normal paint. We found: higher cost.

Recycled glass tiles
Up to 85% recycled glass. We found: considerably higher cost.

Furnace air filter
Electronic air cleaners electronically “zap” particles. We found: impractical for smaller homes.

Tankless water heater
Energy and space-efficient. We found: needs separate venting with a limited distance from interior to exterior. Cold Minnesota winters may affect water temperature.

Reclaimed wood
We found: better for small-scale projects.

Fire clay tile
We found: higher cost and too thick for most interior work.

Slate floor tile
We found: local sourcing difficult.

Concrete counter tops
We found: heavy and generally require customization.

Cabinets from Lyptus
A fast-growing plant grown in clear-cut rainforests where nothing else will grow. We found: not as compatible with our design aesthetic.

Occupancy lighting sensors
We found: not as efficient for open floor plans.

Eco-friendly closet systems
If you find some, let us know!


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