32nd and Hennepin

32nd and Hennepin

Project Description: Hennepin Avenue and Lake Street are the cultural and commercial veins connecting the Minneapolis Downtown district to where many of all ages call home. The Uptown area is itself a destination point - encouraging a vibrant community around recreation and exploration. 32nd & Hennepin is an exciting new Multi-use building opportunity, bringing new apartment leasing and retail space to Uptown.

Lander-designed, light-filled living
The top four floors will feature residential units with Lander’s unique attention to beautiful and efficient design for smaller households seeking new construction options, transportation connections and proximity to major shopping, parks and open space. The building will be served by an elevator and below-grade parking. The building’s rental offering will include 25 one- and two-bedroom rental apartments.

32nd and Hennepin Commerical Space

32nd and Hennepin New Apartment and Condominiums


  • 4,594 sq. ft. street level commercial space in four separate store fronts
  • 2,247 sq. ft. second level office space in two separate dimensions
  • Commercial spaces between 982 - 1,330 sq. ft. available, options for patio
  • 25 rental apartment units
  • Underground parking for residences

For more information on commercial space opportunities, please download the Commericial Sales PDF.

Information on residential leasing will be made available shortly.


Development Footprint

3828 Site aerial



Site design and development by Darren Leet Inc.