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---Phoenix Park Neigh.

---Printer's Row

---9th Street Lofts

---Midtown Lofts

---Waterstr. Brownstones

---West River Commons

---301 Kenwood Parkway

---21st Ave Lofts

---Dakota on the Park

---Essex on the Park

---Sibley Court/Park Apts.

---Summit and Grotto

---Irvine Townhomes

---Andrews Condos

---Eight Ball Building

---280 Summit

---Homestyles Building

---Hennepin Court



---Station 23 Lofts

---2220 Irving



Good Living is Timeless.

Experience has much to do with trust and Lander Group has become one of the most prolific urban builders in the Midwest. Starting out over 20 years ago on smaller renovation projects, we also started out at eye level with many of our clients - designing for their personal needs. That attention to detail will always remain; our investment in building beautiful urban neighborhoods is a very deep and personal one.

We are also one of the very few builders that have successfully blended property renovation experience with new development planning. Walk into one of our reborn buildings and you will see an old space made exciting and alive. Walk into any our new construction developments and you'd swear the place already had a great story to tell.

Please review our selected projects. Each development IS a great story. In total, we've built homes for over 840 clients, with the number steadily growing. And of the projects built in the past 10 years many of them have won industry awards or recognition.


Above Left: Rebuilt from a gutted fire station, Station 23 Lofts are awash with light and charm. LEARN more about them.

Above Right: 301 Kenwood Parkway is an impressive addition to the Uptown Minneapolis area. It had a lot to live up to located across from the Walker Art Gallery and Sculpture Garden. READ more about it.


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